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What Companies Make For Perfect Reg A+ Candidates?

Reg. A+ isn’t for everyone. In fact, many times it really won’t make sense for a number of companies. So what companies are in the “sweet spot” for a Regulation A+ money raise? Here’s the ideal four:

Companies looking to raise anywhere from $3 to $50 million dollars.
If you’re looking to raise less than $3 million, the costs involved in performing a Reg A+ offering doesn’t really make sense. In those cases, it would probably be better going the traditional route of accredited investors.

Customer-based companies with a clear value and purpose statement.
Your customers are your best salesforce, so when you have customers who use the products and services themselves, they are more likely willing to invest in the future of the business in general – and Reg A+ is ideal for that.

Companies with large and loyal followings
An enthusiastic customer base is more likely to invest in a company and provide excitement, momentum, and validity to your offering. The more engaging the customer base is, the more compelling the company’s story is, and that makes it great to raise money via the Reg. A+ route.

Companies looking to make noise in the marketplace.
A Reg. A+offering involves large scale publicity leading to major brand awareness, especially if you’re first in the Reg. A space in a specific industry (we at the Reg. A+ Funding Group are working with many in that category!) We promote Reg.A+ offerings similar to big-time product launches, making it a key marketing tactic which drives eyeballs to the offering and the company in general. Making a significant splash in the eyes of investors truly does work!

Do you see your company in any of the above 4 categories? If so, then contact us today for expert guidance on how to get the process going of making a Reg.A+ Offering work to raise money for your business.

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